Why does my iphone 5 keep disconnecting from wifi?

Hi, everytime I connect to my cousins wifi on my iPhone 5, it always disconnects every 10 mins or so!, it's really annoying! But when I go home and use my own wifi It works perfectly and never disconnects, I have even tried to install my iPhones MAC address into the router login thingy, still nothing happens, could someone please help! Thanks

Why? Because of some problem with your cousin's WiFi network. Without any details it will be impossible to say exactly why. It is possibly an IP address conflict if there are multiple devices connecting to the network. Try tapping the Forget This Network button and then join it again with a fresh connection.

I have the same problem my the wifi of a friend of mine. Though his old pc connects without problems, my iPhone 5 not always finds the signal, and when it finds it, it keeps disconnecting. I think that wifi is one of the main problems of iPhone 5.

Mine too! At home my connection is perfect but when i'm in the office, it connects but keeps on disconnecting about every 3 secs or so!

I've had the same iPhone 4S since it came out. Since the 7.0 update my phone won't stay connected to my home wifi. Nothing had changed except the update. Is there a bug I don't know about?