Why is everyone jealous of Apple?

Why are so many people and companies jealous of Apple? Can't they just admit that Apple is the better man among them? They make the finest hardware known to man, devastatingly stable and productive operating systems and applications, and extremely good technical support, Google and Windows have tried to take on Apple but to no avail, they fail miserably, as Samsung failed miserably in patent infringement of the Iphone, so why can't everyone just admit that Apple is the best? Why?

Apples greed will destroy it. Enough said. Rip steve jobs, these morons r going to destroy your company

Simple, they are jealous of apple success, and jealous in part of human nature, i have an iphone and it never broken, i took it to wars with me, semi military training programs, jungle, etc

No one is jealous of Apple. Fool.

Apple is the BOSE of the computer industry. Great marketing, overpriced products. This generation of Android phones outperform the iPhone 5 easily. Android based phones are outselling iPhones 2 to 1. There is a reason you can't find any specifics on the hardware Apple uses in their phones. It's because it puts an actual performance value on their phone and makes it directly comparable to Android, which would make Apple look bad.

Apple is a big company and very successive company. That's why.other company do jealous with apple.