Why is it taking so long to unlock iphone 4s on orange?

I rang orange 15th June and requested it to be unlocked. They told me would take up too 22 days. Well as you can tell the time as well lapsed. I keep ringing and keep getting allsorts of excuses. I rang AGAIN Friday the said im on priority list and should hear within next 24 to 48 hours.still nothing so rang back yesterday to be told the department that does it is closed weekends give it up to YET ANOTHER 7 DAYS… Im now at my wits end. Can anyone advise me please.ive even looked for orange complaints email address to no avail! 1 as anyone else been through same? Thanks guys

Its the same with my mum it took 27 days for her! Still hasnt come:/

You can have it completed for free at AndroidUnlock.us

Takes a few hours to a couple days, and you're good!

Thje 15.75 charge is for Apple to unlock (so the networks tell you)
so I can only think to talk to Apple Store directly and see if they will do it.

Three unlock phones within 48 hrs often 24 hrs,
(they warn it can be upto 14 days, but usually within these 2 times)
the delay is purely Apples response time, so if there is a big delay it must be Orange/EE.

The other option is to go to Accounts / thinking of leaving us - and see if those guys can help.

You could also look at the Giff Gaff guide and suggestions
http://giffgaff.com/unlock/apple-iphone-4s-phone - iPhone 4S

I phoned Orange about 18 days ago to make a request to get my iPhone unblocked., I decided to get in touch with them to see whats going on after about an hour on hold i was told they had no record of my request and i'l have to go back in the queue again and it will take in the region of about 30 days. V Berry, Hartlepool