Why is my Iphone 4 not charging!

Ive had this iphone for only about 2 months, dropped it a few times and isnt even cracked. Today just out of the random is stopped charging, I tried everything wall chargers, car, ihome compuer, different wall chargers, nothing charged it. I think im gonna go to apple tomorow but if any of you can give me a soution and save me a trip that would be amazing. Thank you so much

Your charger port is probably bad. It's probably water damaged. Take it to the apple store and let them look at it and see what's wrong. If its water damaged just let them deal with it but if its just the charging port or another minor part then go to ifixit.com and see how to fix it. Just order the parts off amazon.com. If you don't feel comfortable fixing it yourself take it to apple or a shop.