Why is my iPhone 4 taking so long to restore?

I jailbroke it and now I am trying to restore it so that it is unjailbroken. I plugged it into iTunes at 7:00 and it went into recovery mode. It has now been recovering for the past two hours. What is taking so long? What can I do?

It's talking so long because you jailbroke it.
What can you do? Try resetting it, call Apple's costumer service, take it into the Apple store (although you have to schedule an appointment), go on Apple.com and do the online chat thing for help, bring it into Best Buy and ask them, or just wait it out a little longer. I'd, personally, start with resetting it and trying again, then I would go to Apple.com and use their chat thing for costumer service. Good luck.

You cant restore a jailbroke iphone, its bricked now.
sell it for parts.

Lol these people are morons. Do you know how to put your phone into DFU mode? What you need to do is hold your power button and home button at the same time for… 10 seconds I believe it is then after the 10 seconds is up release the power button and keep your finger pressed on the home button until your phone just has a black screen. After that turn your phone back on like normal and you should be good to go. If you run into problems let me know. That will get it out of recovery at least. As for getting your phone out of the jailbreak that's another issue… Ummm I guess you could try going into setting>general>reset and then select "Erase All Content and Settings." After that everything should be wiped from the phone and you can try doing a restore from there.