Why is my iPhone 5 losing battery so fast?

I got it about a month ago, and the battery's been fine until yesterday. It just started losing battery really fast. This morning, when I put it in my backpack before school, it was at 50%. When I took it out at the end of the day, it was at 36% and I didn't even touch it during the day! Please help!

Hmm. Well if you didnt close out of a web page on your safari app, then that cause use data. Music might be playing but sound off very unlikely though. That's the price we pay when we buy iphones… I might buy a droid phone that does everythingt the iphone does (idk about music) and more with powerful battery life.

Sometimes when you go in large buildings you lose service - this drains your battery incredibly quickly. Try to also turn off cellular Data. Then try turning off bluetooth (that one drains battery very quickly as well). Also turn off Wifi. I suggest only using those three services when you really need them.

Sometimes a running app can drain battery. Double tap your home button and long press any app that appears until it starts wiggling (Like when you move apps on the home screen). A red circle with an "X" should appear. Go through and hit the "x" on all the apps that appear until there are no more apps left. Many people debate on how effective this is, but I've seen the statistics, it helps immensely (even on Droid phones)!

If battery life continues to be a problem, try restarting the phone (turn it completely off and then on by holding down the Sleep/Wake Button and sliding the "power off" button).

Switching to a Droid phone will not necessarily solve your battery life woes! (Although the Samsung Galaxy S III has a much better battery life than the iPhone).

And just so you know, Apple Technical Support suggests that you drain your iPhone battery until it turns off every single time before you put it on a charger. It will preserve the life of your battery - I've seen how effective it is first-hand.

Make sure you shut down your phone power off and make sure your wifi is off also bc that takes a lot of battery.

Would like have been iOS 6.0.1/6.0.2.iOS 6.1 was released yesterday & so far my battery life has improved, so it looks like that should solve your problem.