Why is my spray paint still sticky?

I have been trying to successfully spray paint a plastic iPhone case for a week now.

I sanded it, put a clear coat of spray paint specifically made for plastic on it, let that dry, and then I put a few coats of the regular spray paint on it (letting it sit and dry for 30 min to an hour in between coats), and lastly put a clear protective coat on it. It's been sitting for about a day without being handled, and the paint seems dry now. I can tap it with my fingernail and it doesn't leave little marks. The problem is that it still seems a bit sticky. Not like super sticky but enough that I notice it when I pick it up, put it down, and especially when I put it up to my face to answer phonecalls, etc. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what I either did wrong or what I can do to stop this stickiness. It would be GREATLY appreciated, because after a week of trying to get this to work, I am about ready to pull my hair out.

Thank you.

To start with the first thing you did wrong was to put a clear coat on after you sanded it.
it should have been a primer coat to hold the paint to the plastic. The way you should have done it is this way
clear coat.
You did not say what kind of paint you used. That makes a big difference in the results. Also because you used a clear coat first it is preventing the paint to cling right to the plastic. Which could be your problem. The paint you should have used, if you did not, is acrylic enamel.