Why is the anime on Netflix not English dubbed anymore?

Okay, so I have my Netflix account, and I enjoy to watch anime on it. However, I didn't go on my account for a long time (around six months but my siblings were using it) and now most of the anime there is either Eng sub or just plain Japanese. I was watching a new anime to I thought nothing of it, but then I checked out another one that i was previously watching, only to find out that it has turned Eng sub and not dub. So then I decided to test it out by checking out an anime that I 100% knew was in Eng dub, but now its just Eng sub.

I already searched this up but I found no useful solutions. All I want to know is if I can fix this and how. Because I know for a FACT the Baka and Test and Black Butler were in Eng dub. There are also more anime too. I really want this issue to be fixed. I watch this on my iPhone and the only other anime app I have is Animelib, so if that is interfering then that would be great to know.

Please, tell me how I can fix this (if I can), thank you

They still have dubbed anime.
I was confused at first also when I was first streaming their videos.
It turns out they start of the show in sub, and you have the option of changing it to Dub via the audio section.

I watch Netflix on the Ps3 3Ds and Wii

Well, they still have dubbed anime. Go watch them.

I can not thank you enough! I was so confused until I read your post