Why won't my iPhone 4 let me download anymore apps?

All of a sudden everytime I try to download a app from the app store my Phone keeps saying "not enough local storage". Usually I just delete some things off my phone and that helps but not in this case. I called apple support and they werent much help at all. I tried to clear up iCloud a bit to make more room for storage but that didnt work either. I dnt know what else to do I need help please

Firstly, you've done the right thing by tiring to clean up the phone and all that. Your next best shot id say is to, maybe restore you whole iPhone all together (Warning! All contacts, apps, photos, etc, will be deleted) by connecting the phone to iTunes, via your pc and clicking restore, which will take at least half and hour, minimum.

OR BEFORE YOU DO THAT! You could try restarting your iPhone by holding the home button and the power button, until the apple symbol appears.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Try restarting it if you have already cleared it to make room. If apple can't help you then you should prolly go to the store and demand a new one if it's still under warranty. Maybe get one with more space if you use a lot of memory. Or just restore it. Hope this helps

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