Why won't my iPhone 5s show up in iTunes?

I recently purchased an iPhone 5s for T-Mobile. Yesterday, I got my number switched over at the T-Mobile retail store, and I brought it home and connected it to my laptop with the current latest version of iTunes (11.1.11 64-bit).

After I connect it, my computer makes the hardware connect sound, and shows up in "Computer" (Windows 8 Pro), and I cxan access all of my pictures and videos, but it refuses to show up in iTunes.

I tried it again, and this time, a message showed up on the screen of my phone, asking if trust this computer, and of course I did, so I tapped "Trust". After this, I heard the sound that plays when you disconnect a USB device from the computer, but it still shoed up in Computer, and still nothing in iTunes.

I have tried everything that I've read about on other parts of the Apple Support Communities:

- Checking other USB ports (Both 2.0 and 3.0)
- Switching cables
- Reinstalling iTunes (multiple times)
- Restarting my computer (multiple times)

Still, I have gotten nothing. I really need to sync my phone because I have all my contacts that I need to sync, as well as the music and photos that I have stored on my computer.

Reset sync history.