Why won't my iPhone send pictures? - 1

I was using my GoPhone card in my old 3GS just fine, and I had no trouble sending pictures. I then bought a 4Gm which required me to have my sim card cut in size so it would fit in the 4G. Everything has been working fine on it, but I can't send or receive pictures for some reason. I've tried changing my apn to wap.cingular and the PAYG one, but nothing works.

Because iphones are trash

Now you have to pay for data. Now, data counts as any multimedia now. The AT&T policies & stuff changed.

More than likely your new phone has already been updated to the new iOS 6. And your old phone was running on the old iOS. Since I updated my phone to the iOS 6 I have been unable to send or receive mms unless it is to another iPhone using iMessage. I have searched and searched for a solution to this and have been unable to find one. Seems some things work for some but not others. Good luck with yours.