Why won't the flashlight work on my iPhone?

I downloaded the flashlight app and the light won't turn on

I'm guessing for the iPhone 4 maybe you broke the lense for it

I am wondering the iphone you have is iphone 4/4S or iphone 3GS?
3GS has not the flashlight. Btw, if it won't work on your iphone 4/4S, mayba there are some porblem with your iphone. Go to the apple store to rapair it.

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Why won't my back camera or flashlight work on my IPhone 5c?

My iPhone flashlight has been working fine until this morning now it will not turn on. I have an iPhone 6

My flashlight on my phone six has been working fine until now and it won't turn how can I get it to turn on or what is wrong with it

My flashlight works sometimes and doesn't other times on my iPhone 6

my flashlight on my i6 quit working. Seemed like about the time i gave the permission to download new software.

My iPhone 6 flash has quit working. Why?

Just did hard reset by holding home and power button and the light began working on 5s.

After doing iOS update my flashlight quit working. Any help

My iPhone 6 flashlight stopped working

My flash and flash light are not working on my I phone 6 on the camera it said phone needs to cool down I'm in a fairly cool room flash flashlight still won't work I reset it hard reset and in options still won't work

My flashlight on my I6 just stopped working. Why?

My flashlight on my I5 just stopped working. Why?