Wifi on iPhone 4 not working?

I dropped my phone in the sink with running water the other day. After letting it sit for a couple days and in rice for one. I managed to get it to turn on again. Everything works except the lock button and the Wifi. Is there any way I will be able to fix this? The wifi part. I assume it's fried, but I want to try before I remove my jailbreak and go to verizon.

Put it in rice again let it sit for around 24 hours, you want to put it in rice for at least 2-3 days. If that doesn't work then good luck, cause if they find water damage (has a chip inside that turns a certain color if in contact with water [can always just make up a story like rain or something]) then they can end up charging you full price for the phone ($400+) or you will be forced to wait till your next upgrade. I mean you can always go online and find out how to fix the lock button if they do not allow you to do it, i am not sure how Verizon works, so good luck!

Wifi is grey can;t turn on