Will 100mb of data be enough for a iphone 4s?

The apps I would be using with data are just twitter and instagram. No emails, no streaming videos or anything and wifi would be used at home so would that be enough data for a month? I don't tweet a lot, just refresh twitter very often.

That isn't a lot. Uploading photos to instagram will probably make you run out of memory. You really have to think how often you are going to use the mobile network, and not just wifi.

Try to get 200. If you text any pictures then that will consume some also… I view mostly sports and news and stocks… Never video… And I'm always over 100 but usually under 200 for sure.

Well the pics are anywhere from 2-4 mb. Uploading with the app is a total of 4-6 mb each picture being uploaded. It's doable, but try to upload on wifi. And picture text are not data, they are unlimited if you have unlimited text.

No way. I downloaded data tracker. And when the phone is idle it still picks up data.well the thing is if you have notifcations on auto then it would always pick up something. Get unlimited data.