Will Crocs ever go out of business?

Yesterday I came across this article:

Baisically we all came to an agreement that the classic clogs crocs makes were fugly. Now that the classic clogs are 11 years old, they are now marketing their shoes that look like shoes. In their summer catalog, the classic clogs are featured in the back. Same thing with their stores. But the classic clogs still account for 47% of their sales. People are still buying their classic clogs in droves. Not just in the US but mostly around the world.

As for me, the classic clogs are not that great because I can only wear them in the summer. The croc and however works from Spring to Fall. And their winter boots that are fur lined are great in the winter. But if they did decide to go out of business, I'll probably snag a bunch of pairs since they will probably be worth more than the iPhone 20 in 10 years. And as for shoes I would wear instead, I wear Vans for sneakers. Sure Crics makes sneakers but they look like Vans for kids. Might as well get the original. As for the sandals, I may have to start buying TOMS. And the boots, I can get Uggs, something else people think looks ugly. (But why do people who think crocs are ugly have no problem wearing uggs?) but they work!

You may think no one is buying crocs but they are so popular that foreign countries like China are making knockoffs! (You thought they just made knockoff handbags and Jordans!) and I will not buy knockoff crocs!

I have a pair of their flip flops, and they are great… Light as a feather. I think they will be around a long time. Had them a long time too with no sign of them breaking, knockoffs are cheaper but would break also.

To answer your specific questions = yes, crocs will probably go out of business at some point. A few years back they were on the brink of bankruptcy. Now they have to re-invent the company again.

Besides that don't offer any question, your detail is more an editorial on why you would not purchase crocs.
And yes, we know that handbags, jordans, and just about every other piece of clothing, shoes, and accessories have knockoff brands. Many successful designers actually create a knockoff brand, so they can get the cheap money too.

Well much of Asia likes the idea of both UGGS and crocs.

There were an innovative idea, a shoe that was cheap to make, cools your feet but also encloses them.

However I think the technology they use is old and easy to copy, copies of Crocs sell for less than a $1 in China, which means they cost less than 50 cents to make.

They can hardly stay in business, but maybe they can innovate.