Will it erase my apn settings if i update to ios 7 on net10?

As most net10 users know you have to re-enter the APN settings to get mms and Internet on the iPhone. (As well as others. IPhone just makes it more difficult. Lol.)
If I were to update to iOS 7 would that mess with them? Or would it stay the same and still continue to work?

I want to update but I use mms and Internet a great deal.

I think it would be fine. Anyway its better to note down that settings before you go for an upgrade just to be on the safe side:)

However even if your apn settings gets erased you can always reconfigure and add new apn settings. So its no big deal. Enjoy the new iOS. :)

By the if you lose the apn settings and need to add again you might face some problems while configuring mms to work.

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