Will the iPhone 4 8GB support the ios 7?

Just a thought cuz i know apple isnt support ios 7 on the ipod touch 4g 8GB.

It probably will but it will fail miserably. I don't think iOS 7 should be supported even on an iPhone 4S. I have an iPhone 5 and I'm weary it won't even perform well. Cause the newest OS is always optimized for the newest phone aka iPhone 5s.

Check the site. Apple.com

I do agree with the guy who said it wont work as well. Its probably just to upgrade.

Yes, it is supported. Weird though because the iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4 both have an A4 chip. All other devices supported for iOS 7 have an A5 chip or greater. If the iPhone 4 with an A4 chip is supported, why not iPod Touch 4?

But in conclusion; iPhone 4, yes.iPod Touch 4, no.

Iphone 4 will support the ios 7. However it won't give you all the features that they gave to the Iphone 5. But short answer is yes, it will support it.