Will the iPhone 5 case fit the iPod touch 5 case?

I'm looking for a iPod touch 5th generation clear case. I'm wondering if a iPhone 5 case will fit it. I do not want a regular case! I want a CLEAR case. Because (as you may know) the iPod touch 5th generation has a preset color on the back.

Nope. The ipod touch 5th gen is a lot slimmer than the iphone5

I doubt it since from my experience the Iphone is much bigger (thickness) than an Ipod.

No. There's a physical difference between iPhones and iPod Touches.iPod touches are much thinner and also lighter in weight. So the iPod will be so loose in the case and be completely useless.It'd be just as if you didn't have one.

Of course not, the iphone 5 case can't fit the ipod, you can go check there, maybe you'll find some special and pretty cases for you touch. Good luck.

Yes wtf r u talking about

I fit an ipod in an iphone case

On you tube there is a video where a guy hasa ipod 5 and was able to put it in iphone 5 otterbox

I'm not sure

iPhone 5 do fit the ipod 5 I have one and the case that is a owl that I have is a iPhone 5 case and it fits the iPod 5

probably- depends what kind.

Wondering the same thing.

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