Will the Iphone 5 prices go down?

The Iphone 5s and 5c are rumoured to be revealed at about 10th of september and about a week and a half later to actually be released to buy (sep 20th)
Will the Iphone 5 have its prices drop like the Iphone 4s.
The Iphone 4sis around 15 to 20 pound a month, will the Iphone 5 do the same and go down to the same sort of price?

When they released more iPhone's or when it gets old the value will drop.

It will drop at the time of the 5s launch. Though you should look at the 5c as its meant to have the same specs as the 5, but may be cheaper.

It is possible the iPhone 5 may be dropped altogether. If not then it may drop by $100