Would it be worth buying apple iphone 5c? - 1

Would it be worth buying apple iphone 5c?

No. No iPhone is worth it (unless it is super cheap. The 5C will be about $100 with contract probably.)

Apple iPhone C is just a rumor We don't even know if it's going to come out or not. If it does it is rumored to have the same specs as the iPhone 4S So my answer to you would be yes Because it'll be cheaper and it'll have really good specs. Then again you'll probably be able to get an iPhone five for the same price at the time. I have an iPhone 4S now and if the iPhoneC comes out I will definitely get it lol

Well gee since there is no info out on it, then let me look into my magic crystal ball.

It is just a rumor at the time. If it is official it's coming out. Yes get it if you cannot afford an actual iPhone 5

That depends on pricing. The iPhone 5S will be marketed as a premium product, while the iPhone 5C will be marketed as a mid-range product that has all the features of the current-generation iPhone 5 in a vast array of colors.

Either way, it would be worth getting an iPhone in general. Its supreme, end-to-end user experience trumps any other smartphone on the market.