Y dont designer brands make iphone 5c cases?

I would really like a phone case from wildflower, kate spade and marc jacobs for my iphone 5c but there isnt any. Will any fashion brand release iPhone 5c cases

As quickly as Apple put out new products, it would probably be outdated too fast.

Probably not because the iPhone 5c is considered to be already in a case.

it is made of a polycarbonate material that makes it tougher & sturdier so that it doesn't need a case & it's colored so it's considered decorated.

you might want to look into whether or not someone is making skins for it. That could be an alternative for you.

edit: well, I made a liar out of myself. I went looking for skins for the iphone 5c which I did find but I also found cases for the iphone 5c but most of them were ice cases or clear gel cases so you could see the colored body of the phone.

I think 5c is good enough

Maybe when it's not, like, a month old. Give it a bit.

Have you tried CaseVix? They mostly hand make designer like brands but its a good option if you dont care if its authentic or not. And I know they have them for the 5C. I had gotten a "louis vuitton" one off them however I had to email them and request one.