After I connected to my wifi my iPhone 5 safari won't connect to Internet?

So I was waiting all darn week for my AT&T uverse to be activated and once I hook the modem up and connect everything and put the wifi password in to my iPhone 5 it connects but there's only one little bar there's not like full wifi reception then I use what little reception for wifi it gave me to get on the Internet safari on my iPhone and it says "can't open because its not connected to the Internet" smh whats wrong with this crap? Anybody think they know? Help me thanks.

The problem is probably the wireless network itself. Try recreating the network, changing password, resetting router after you've created the network,

I got annoyed with that issue with my iphone so traded it for a droid 4 then traded the droid 4 for a droid razr with a broken screen that works fine.