Apple iPhone 4s Update iOS7!

I have the iPhone 4s, my software is iOS 6.1.3 will I get the iOS7 update anytime soon or is it even out? I hear people talking about it but have no idea?

It is out in American I believe, so it may or may not be avalible to you yet but you will be able to get it on the 4s definitely!

You can download the beta ios from your computer and upload it to your phone. Some of my friends have already done this. But from what ive heard it will be out pretty soon like in the next 2 or 3 months

You will get the update for free when Apple officially releases it. Nobody knows exactly when that will be, but it'll probably be late this year or early next year.

Some people have figured out how to get early versions of IOS7 right now, but it seems pretty risky since it's unofficial software without any obvious way to downgrade back to the older version if you have problems.

You can get official ios 7 after 2 month download direct from your mobile
you can install ipsw ios 7 for iphone 4s beta 5 install manually from itunes

It may possibly come out in fall for the US and it will be great: D…

The beta5 is out but just for the ones who registered their UDID for developer account.
You can download the firmware file and load it but your device will be stuck in activation screen.
Wait until september and you can load the Gold edition (Public release)

If your iPhone is jailbroken you can update already. But it hasn't relase/updated yet.

IOS 7 doesn't come out to the public until the fall, but you can install it early if you register your device's UDID with a developer account through a site like's $5, and then you can try out the new OS before everyone else.

Wait till it comes out this fall. If you are trying to get the beta you can't. You can't download files (except appstore and itunes) that are not pictures/videos to iOS from a random place on the internet. When you want to install something from the internet you need a pc.

Don't rush to get the IOS7 it looks horrible. I might like it if I was a 7 year old girl. The changes made are no improvement to the way it works. Just forces you to relearn everything you used to know. It just confirms my descision to go to a different smart phone when this contract ends.

This upgrade is TERRIBLE!, HATE it, cannot see icons, weather etc. TRYING too hard to be like the Samsung (which I had purchased a few months ago, only to switch back to the Iphone for that very reason) may as well go with Samsung now…