Can Beats By Dr Dre make you go deaf?

Okay I got Beats By Dre headphones SOLO HD's for Christmas and I love them. I listen to them constantly. (Kinda.) And I have noticed my ears will feel kinda stopped up? And I have/hear ringing in them? I listen to them around 4-5 hours a day on my iPhone. I turn the little volume thing a little below half way or lower on the iPod app. So it's not that loud to be honest. Could this be the cause of the problem?
Ringing in ears. (When quiet)
Wheezing. (Occasionally)
Heart beat. (Occasionally)
Feels stopped up. (Most of the time; sometimes)
Help me!

Your probably not used to the quality?

Any loud music played at close range to the eardrum can cause permanent damage and defness. At this point you have damaged your ear drum or other parts of the inner ear. It will heal in time. But not if you keep listening to loud music. I lost my right eat at a rhcp concert I was standing very near the speaker and hilel Slovak hit a really bad note. I am now deaf in that ear except for a constant ringing sensation. Turn it down.

Sometimes I listen to music for 4-5 hours a day and I have never experienced this problem and I tend to listen loud compared to some people but not loud enough for others. Maybe it's the beats that are the problem? My ears have only ever rung from being ill or after a night of clubbing so it does sound odd that you're experiencing this. I'd suggest seeing your doctor maybe if your worried. I've heard that If you listen to a lot of loud music it can cause excess wax to build up which could be causing your 'stopped up' ears. DO NOT stick a q-tip in your ears though as this can damage them.

Your not used to it

You might have ear problems which are not even related to listening to music all day. I would get them checked out by a doctor just to be safe. Ive noticed though when you have ear phones which close all around your ear. When you take them off. The change in pressure and adjusting of sounds can make you feel like you cant hear like you could. It usually stops after my ears readjust though.

Long listening without giving your ear to rest is the problem. Its probably not the volume but you might want to dim your time listening to music to 2-3 hours a day but after you rest from listening to music a couple of days in order for your ears to rest.

You can go deaf with any headphone. Just don't listen to music with high volume, and use speakers when you can. Using headphones for long periods is not recommended.