Can I activate a sprint iphone 5s on Verizon?

I recently bought an iphone 5s for sprint from a friend and I have Verizon is there a way (even by jailbreaking) that I can activate by verizon

In theory, yes; if Verizon will let you. You will be limited to 3G only. The LTE bands are different.

Check to make sure the phone has a clean ESN. That phone hasn't been out long enough to fulfill contract terms unless it was purchased outright.

As a Verizon rep I can tell you we have people ask us to do it all the time. Not possible, system won't allow it, only verizon recognized devices will work on the network. At least for iPhones.

and to validate Kara's response… I am an iOS Technical Advisor, No. You cant… Well, there is but… But as of january last year it is illegal if you are under contract, you cannot go through your carrier to do it. And the second you put it into DFU mode, you are voiding out your warranty, so if something goes wrong and you and up bricking the phone, and you try and call tech support from Apple, you will not get any help at all, and you will have to pay the full retail price for another one if you want to replace it

and to Kara… Lol, a few days ago i had a Verizon rep transfer a guy to me that wanted to get his phone replaced… But he had a BlackBerry… Kinda funny considering the fact that I'm with Apple

Jailbreaking would not help anyway. Verizon would be the ones to activate it & its up to them if they would or not.