Can I activate loss/or stolen iPhone 5?

Hey need some help, I found a iPhone 5 in the street, I picked it up and I slides the slider over, it didn't require a passcode lock, I kinda looked in it but I just powered it off and left it in my car, it was on valentines day I was at my gf's house just stepped out for a sec to get something from my car, than there it was on the ground, I didn't want to tell my gf, shed be all wanting me to return it! I'm like f*** that, it's an iPhone 5 all I got right now is the iPhone 3G, not my fault the owners irresponsible! I turned it on today and it now requires a passcode and says " this phone has been lost, please call blah blah… So can I get it jailbroken it's with AT&T, ? And if I get it jailbroken can I activate it under a small carrier like h2o? That's the carrier I have now. Is there a way to bypass the password lock? Anybody know any tricks? Will it work with h2o? Please help?

You *** retard, I really despise people like you. Anyhow, it's worthless pretty much since it's branded a stolen phone. The service in it is probably cancelled and the only way to activate it is to get a new carrier, and they will ask you where the origin of the phone was from. And I'm pretty sure every phone has a serial number, so my best bet is to sell it and to lay the blame on someone else.

Or, you can turn it into the nearest police station or call that number and return it and pretend that you found it and didn't steal it.

Hope you do the right thing.

Dude charge the phone to the fullest when you turn it on make sure you hit the home buttom twice keep it down for 15 seconds enter universal code 6666 as soon as it ask you new temp password type in pilowpet it will re route the memory to factory setting make sure you hit save before you exit the screen

I suggest you try to return the phone to its owner instead. Because the previous owner may installed an anti-theft app on it ao that he or she can track the lost phone. As I know, many people apply anti-theft apps like Find My Phone or ilostfinder on their phones nowadays, check it out,

Get the phone factory unlocked and you can use the phone with H2O Wireless. The phone might be blocked too so it might pose a problem. You can mail this person ( who might be able to help you with that problem.

The handset is blocked and it's now a brick as far as you're concerned.

As you're clearly dishonest and willing to steal I'll appeal to your selfish instincts instead:-

1. The phone may very well have a tracker installed; it may also have already sent photos of you and the rock you crawl under every night to the owner to pass on to police.

2. Whatever you think the phone may be worth, how much would you be willing to pay later on if you could buy yourself out of all the trouble you may be about to bring down upon yourself. Other than the legal consequences you might also lose your girlfriend and job.

3. The owner might possibly have insurance which offers a reward to finders.

4. Unlikely as it might seem right now, you may actually find a sense of satisfaction and pride in resisting your antisocial instincts and restoring the phone to the rightful owner. Your girlfriend might also see something better in you than she did before.

Your choice. But this could be a turning point for you to start to become a far better person.

Put in a dfu mode hold power button 10 sec then hit the home button while still holding power button 15 let go off power button keep holding home button until it shows the cable usb image and connect it to computer and restore it all that should work

What would you do if you find a 100 dollar bill in road. Isn't it the same. He didn't steal but found in street. He just didn't want to return. I think everyone likes getting sth free. So everyone over here don't need to show themselves so desent…

OR instead of the owner being "irresponsible," they could have had it ripped right out of their hand or it could have been someone who had their purse snatched. With all the crap going on in the world, don't add to it by being a piece of tricky trash. Who can't afford to buy a phone these days? Really?

2 guest above. Best response. No answer but great response.

2 guest above. Best response. No answer but great response.