Can I connect my bluetooth speaker to my computer via jailbroken iPhone?

I have a computer, it's an HP Pavilion, and it doesn't have Bluetooth. I am a musician so I need something to use, and the chord to my mini bluetooth speaker doesn't work anymore. Could I use my Jailbroken iPhone to somehow connect to the computer, and play the PC output through the iphone to the speaker? Thank you.

I don't believe so. You don't have bluetooth, so you will need to plug the iPhone into the computer. Copy the files you want to your iPhone. If you have an iPhone, I believe you have enough money to buy temporary wired speakers.
You can go with speakers:±+2.0+Stereo+Computer+Speaker+System+(2-Piece+++Black/9402283.p?id=1218100583100&skuId=9402283#tab=overview

Plus there's also a headset output ON The speakers, if you want them:±+Over-The-Ear+Headphones±+Black/2204196.p?id=1218314737514&skuId=2204196#tab=specifications

These are not really good quality, just cheap for temporary till you want something more advanced.