Can i download music from ps3 to iphones?

I download music on to my ps3 and download it to my mp3 but I just got an iphone and I was wondering if I could plug in the iphone to the ps3 and download music from ps3 to my iphone like I do with my mp3.

I don't think so, but you can download an app called idownloader and you can easily down load music free. There are a lot more apps that do that too. Hope this helped (:

I used to Import Music from my Computer into iTunes and then Sync that with my iPhone. I would imagine you could do that if you have a laptop/computer also. If you just have the PS3 and it connects to the iPhone, then (#1) I would imagine you can import music directly to the iPhone, not sure though. Assuming you do have a laptop/computer, the other solution (#2) is continue to download the PS3 to the MP3, then connect the MP3 and Import that Music into iTunes on the laptop. I think you'll want to import & encode this with the "ACC" Music File Format, which Apple devices use. Once the music is in iTunes, simply sync the iTunes (on laptop) to your iPhone, and magic!

Music file formats can be found on wikipedia. Also I will put a "Support" Link below that you might read through to help you through this. Brian