Can I uninstall iOS 7 beta 4 from my iPhone 4S and my iPad 3?

Would I be able uninstall iOS 7 beta 4 from either of my apple devices?
Would there be any negative effect on my devices if I do downgrade?

You can remove the provision from the Device manager. The only possible negative effect is if you have something saved on the device that is not usable in iOS 6.

How doi I change my I phone 4 back and get rid of ios7

I also would like to take ios7 off of my iphone 4.It is so slow now. What the hell!

How do I change my iPhone 4 back to get rid of ios7

Where are the instructions to uninstall ios7

How can I uninstall this iso7 that I just put on my phone and go back to what I had.

Please how can I remove IOS 7?

I want remove ios7 from my 4s

I also would like to remove the new sftware off of my iPhone. I really really hate it! It is so so so slow.