Can my iPhone be tracked if it's turned off?

My mum doesn't let me go to my boyfriends house so I always make excuses saying I'm going to town when I'm actually going to his. She told me she can GPS track my phone to find out where I'm at so she knows I'm not at his house. Can it still be tracked if turned off?

How can I prevent it from being tracked? It's an iPhone 5

Leave it at home.

I'd just leave it at home. No point in having it if its turned off, put it in a safe place so no one can find it.

No it can't be tracked when it is off. If you turn the "Find iPhone" App off then it can't be tracked when it is on.

If it is totally turned off it cannot be tracked, period. Not even the police would be able to track it.

If it is not off, then there are still two ways your mom could track it:

1. She might have installed an app on the phone allowing her to do it, for instance Find my Friends or Google Latitude. If you uninstall that app or change its settings, that would stop the tracking.

2. She might be tracking it through Find my iPhone. To stop that tracking, go to Settings, iCloud, and turn off Find my iPhone.

… But even if you prevent both of the above methods, although your mom wouldn't be able to track it, your phone company and the police still could do it if they believed a crime was involved or a life was in danger.

It can not be tracked if it is turned off.

If the phone is off, really off it can't be tracked. The place where it was turned off can be found though.
Remember that Mums have abilities to know where you are, it's a sort of magic, so one day you will be found out. Do you really want to lie to her?

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