Can my iPhone still be tracked if the battery and SIM were taken out?

Yesterday I've lost my iPhone 4, I know who stole it, one of my classmates is some sort of a "professional thief" from what I heard, he steals phones and immediately disables and sells them.
now my question is, can I somehow track my phone if the SIM was taken out and it is only running as an iPod touch? And if he has taken the battery out also?

sorry for my poor English, I'm really stressed and angry cause I know it was him and I don't have any proofs for that.

I doubt he took the battery out and depending on the iphone then he cannot take the sim out, you could always use the app that tracks your phone, there is a site for you should go to the office and tell them your phone was stolen and you might know who it is, also go to your parents and the parents of this kid who stole it and tell them

You can't take the battery out of an iPhone.

If you had Find My iPhone installed you could have, but if not, then nothing can be done.

If the SIM card is removed, it is still possible to find your phone, but only if the device is turned on and connected to a Wifi network. This would allow your phohne to return its GPS location to Find My iPhone or any other iPhone tracking app, eg,

If your phone is powered off, it will prevent your device from reporting its location to the Apple servers (this includes 3rd party tracking services too).

If its battery and SIM were taken out, I am afraid you are out of luck. You need to have set up Find My iPhone/iPad on your device prior to it getting lost or stolen. If you did, go to in your web browser. When you log in, Find My iPhone/iPad will immediately begin trying to locate your device. In your case, I suggest you report the phone stolen. Notify your service provider and give them both your mobile phone number and IMEI number. They may help you block it. To prevent your new idevice from being lost in the future, you'd better set up Find My iPod/iPhone/iPad in iCloud on the device and apply some free anti-theft app like iLostFinder.

You can not track it if the phone is off.