Can't delete purchased songs off iPhone 5 in Songs view of my music?

I can't delete purchased songs off of my iPhone 5 (which I just switched to) in the "Songs" view of my music. I can look in the "Playlists" view and it will not show them, only in "Songs" view. Looking at the image you can see what I mean. I've purchased a few albums and will use The Cadillac Black's album as the example. Once I purchase music I take it out of iTunes and put it onto my computer after converting it to an MP3. You can see I change the naming format to "Artist Name - Song Name" that way in the "Songs" view it's so much easier to keep all of an artist's music together. On the right you can see that I have all of The Cadillac Black's music named how I want and on my phone. On the left you can see the song "Back It Up" by The Cadillac Black as it's own entity even though it's already in my music with the rest of The Cadillac Black's music. It shows the icon looking like it can be backed up to the cloud, which I do not do. It does this with all of the purchased songs. I don't want two copies of a song on my phone. Yes, I have side swiped the song and the delete option comes up, but it will not delete. Maybe this is all because I am using iOS 7 beta because I never noticed this on my iPhone 4S running the current iOS 6. Can someone please shed some light on this? Thank you in helping me clear up my music on my phone!

Slide your finger to the right across the song you want to delete. This works In just about everything on iOS.