Can you activate Verizon iPhone 5 on another carrier?

I recently bought the iPhone 5 under contract with Verizon but my mother disabled my phone and kicked me out so I wanted I know if you could buy on of those no contract sim cards from another carrier and put it in there? Because I really want to be ale to still use it:/

Yes it should work with gsm carriers as long as its not locked.
if it doesnt work email me and ill sell or trade you one that will work on a gsm carrier

No because each phone is MADE to work off of that company's cell tower and data network and the Sim Cards in the IPhones aren't regular SD Cards. The SIM cards are embedded into the phone itself so you won't be able to go and buy another SIM card and put it in a Verizon Phone. It simply won't work because the phone was manufactured for Verizon Carrier and NOBODY else.

The only you can connect it to another Carrier is by having somebody Jailbreaking it and disabling the Carrier's Settings on the phone. & If you try and do that without Jailbreaking it you will Disable the phone from being used with any other Carrier…

Also if your Mother disabled the phone it can not be turned on by anybody without her using the account password

Yep, iPhone 5 comes factory unlocked and it will work fine with any SIM.