Can you still track an iPhone 4S by sprint even if the SIM card has been removed?

My iPhone 4S has just recently been stolen. I was wondering if there's any way the police can still track it even if the SIM card has been removed. The phone is still connected too. Just incase they turn on the phone if there's any chance I can locate without the SIM card in. Will it make a difference if its not?

As long as your device is connected to internet after SIM card has been removed, you still have a chance to track it with iCloud. If you have set up Find My iPhone on your device prior to it getting lost or stolen. You can log into icloud at in your web browser to track the phone. When you log in, Find My iPhone will immediately begin trying to locate your device if it is online.
If not, it's better for you to notify your service provider and give them both your mobile phone number and IMEI number. They may help you block the phone.
To prevent your new idevice from being stolen or lost in the future, I suggest you set up Find My iPhone/iPad in iCloud on the device and apply some free anti-theft apps like iLostFinder. It will take pics of the thief or finder when she/he tries to open your device and then send the pics to your email.
Good luck!