Can you stop iMessages on iPhone/iPad?

I've been receiving an incessant number of messages, mainly from friends, via iMessage. Always good banter, but they're often sent at inappropriate times! I know you can switch off iMessage but switching it back on can cause problems with people messaging you later. Can you block threads, or remove one contact from a message thread without having to start a new thread?

Yes. In settings./ Messages - off. I hate iMessage too it's unreliable

Also chech out settings/do not disturb. Set the times you don't want messages. However if a favorite contact rings twice in two minutes. It rings

Don't turn it off just put your iphone on to don't disturb mode because if you turn it off you may have problems when you turn it back on.

Click on the link it will help you out i think.

You can either disable iMessage in settings and re-enable it when you're using the feature.


You can put your phone into Do Not Disturb mode (iOS 6+) to turn off notification sounds in general.

Alternatively, you can stick your iPhone/iPad in airplane mode or turn off the internet on it so you don't receive messages from iMessage (regular texts will still come through your carrier). However, you won't have internet access on your device when you don't want to be disturbed by the messages if you do this.