Can you use an Iphone 4 *CDMA with another carrier?

I have an Iphone 4 (not 4s) that is carrier locked and CDMA. I know I can unlock it, but will I be able to use another carrier seeing as I cannot use a SIM card?

If it makes any difference, it is an American phone that I am unlocking for the Netherlands.

I should work… Per contract with Apple, Sprint and Verizon Iphones must be GSM locked… When "officially" unlocked or "jailbroken" unlocked, they are still locked to the USA GSM carriers, like ATT and Tmobile… But they will work in other counties. This is why a Verizon/Sprint Iphone will never work on ATT/Tmobile in the USA even if GSM unlocked---just another Apple nasty low blow to customers. It only works unlocked in other countries due to possble international travels.

Yes but you need use cdma sim cards.