Charging Iphone using a Microwave?

I've been scrolling through pages on facebook that post memes, gifs, and screenshots. Anyway, a post that intrigued me was that you can charge your iphone using a household microwave. Im not a dumbass and Im doing my research. According to comments, people are saying it works. I even looked on reviews and discussion boards of other websites and people are saying it works. My Question is: Is it true or were they all trolls?

Go for it man! Make sure you stand really close to the microwave though as it doesn't fully charge if it is not observed closely.



If you put anything metal in the mic, it'll fry it. I learned that from a twist-tie I left on top of the container I was nuking by accident. It was immediate.

With a battery, I might even err on saying that it's dangerous.

Seriously bro? That's trolling. Microwaving an iPhone is like microwaving tin foil. Sizzle, boom. A big no-no that is very dangerous.

They are trolls. If you put your Iphone in a microwave what you get is fire. The battery will exlode.

Putting it in boiling water works also. Basically anything that cooks a hotdog works for charging phones.

They're all trolls. Here's a video of what Really happens if you microwave an iPhone. Notice it shuts off after just SECONDS and doesn't waste time catching fire. Not only do you destroy your iPhone but you create a fire hazard by doing it.