Do iphone 5c Verizon come unlocked out the box?

I know that iphone 5 verizon come unlocked out the box. What I mean by unlock is that it can be used with T-Mobile or AT&T. I was wondering if iPhone 5c from verizon also come unlocked. I am going to be using it for T-Mobile. Thanks and do you think $320 is a good price for one? Only phone with a otter box no box or accessories. Is that a good price?

No, it can't. T-Mobile and AT&T use different radio frequencies than Verizon. You cannot port a Verizon phone to AT&T or T-mobile, locked or not.

My iphone from verizon have always been unlocked. I gave also used them on the att network without a problem. The internet wasnt workin but an att rep at the store configured it for me.