Do text messages take up space in iPhone storage?

I never delete texts and I've had this current phone for 2 years and thus all the conversations since then, I still have. On my iTunes it has this "other" part on what's taking up space on my phone and it's huge. Do you think it's all the texts? Would it be worth it to delete them all for more space on my phone? I need advice. Thanks

Haha Faisal, your source is entertaining. However, they are in fact stored on your phone. They take up a very small amount of space, though, unless you're a heavy texter and send/receive a lot of attachments. My suggestion would be to either delete some conversations or get the info you really need backed up to a computer or iCloud and do a reset on your iPhone to get rid of any unnecessary information that may be taking up space.

Yes, messages that you haven't deleted take up space on your phone. However, the space they use is really, really small compared to the capacity of the phone. You can store tens of thousands of text messages on the phone and still hardly make a dent in its capacity.

Chances are that something else is taking up space. Some apps store a lot of data on the phone, and some apps are really big themselves (especially if they contain lots of data, like tons of text and videos and stuff). Music takes up space, more than messages but less than videos. Videos take up tons of space. Photos take up slightly less space than music. So look for music, videos, photos, or apps that you can delete. Apps and music can easily be deleted if you bought them from Apple, because you can always reinstall or redownload them if you want.