Does deleting the whatsapp app, automatically delete my whatsapp account?

On an iPhone, if I delete the whatsapp app, does that automatically delete my whatsapp account? If I just delete the app without deleting the account within whatsapp? Like, lets say its a mistake, when your phone is in your pocket or something. And if i reinstall it after a couple of weeks, will I still have my account, favourite contacts, messages etc?


No your account has not deleted even though you delet your whatsapp app.
you have to delete the account within the whatsapp… And if you done it by mistake just reinstall the app enter your nummber then it will ask that there are backup file do you want to backup just click yes and your done!:-)

When you will again install that app you need to again entre your mobile number and a name for your account then you will be asked whether you want to restore all the previous messages or not there you select yes… The your account will be available again. And your contacts and message will be there and your favourites also…

Deleting the app won't delete the account, and that's true for pretty much any app that has an account that goes with it - not just Whatsapp.

I just deleted my iPhone whatsapp app, then reinstall it. Only the all contacts and Favorites contact are there, but all my conversations are lost.
I think whatsapp app makes backup files just in andriod, not in Iphone.