Does iOs7 make the iphone 4 slow?

Hey so i have an iphone 4 cos my iphone 5 broke and im just wondering… If i update my iPhone 4 to the new iOs7 software will it make my phone slow? Thanks

Most Likely, large updates intended for the newer phone will slow older phones down.

Not at all! IOS7 is awesome! I just love it! I have it on my iphone5 and ipad2 and it's just great! A colleague of mine has it on her iphone4 and she has no complaints either. You're welcome:)

Major OS updates for iphone, android, windows, BBs, etc… Are made for newer phones and their newer technology (CPU and RAM)… NOT OLD PHONES and OLD TECHNOLOGY!

When an EXTREMELY OLD phone (in technology terms, this means over 2 years old) get a new OS update, the old CPU and RAM was not designed for it. Therefore, it will run slower. And there is NOTHING you can do to fix that, other than upgrading to a modern phone!

Let me put this in a computer term… You have a copy of Windows 7… Awesome right? Well, you happy to have this 2001 computer gathering dust over there… Do you even think win7 is gonna work on it! LFMAO! This is why computer programs, computer games, and yes---EVEN SMARTPHONE APPS have “system requirements”… If you do NOT meet these requirements, then as my Chinese friend says---NO UPDATE FO U! You GO HOOM NOW!

Every wonder why Instagram wont wont on Android 2.3 or less? What Candy Crush wont work on iOS 4.2 or less? WHY IPHONE 2G/3G/3GS CANT HAVE IOS7? WHY IPHONE 2G/3G CANT HAVE IOS 6! SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS!

Iphone users ask this same freaking question every year… It never sinks in!

I just installed ios 6, why is my i4 slow?
I just installed ios 5, why is my i3GS slow?
I just installed ios 4, why is my i3G slow?

Gee. I dunno… LMFAO