Dropped iphone 5 in water - sound issue?

Stupidly dropped my iphone 5 in the bath earlier. It wasn't in for long at all, a couple of seconds. I turned it off, dried it off, removed the case and put it in a bowl of rice for a few hours (I know people recommend overnight but I was feeling impatient haha).It reboots and everything works, but if I want to listen to music or talk to someone on the phone, I can't hear anything unless I use earphones.

However, if I go to settings > sounds and manually turn up the ringer, it rings through the speakers. I'm just a bit confused as to why I can't hear music or phone calls and if there is a manual fix to this?

I can visit the store and get it fixed or replaced but I would like to give it a try at home first (without opening up the phone).

Added (1). Edit: just noticed that with earphones in (the ones supplied with an iphone 5), I can hear my music, however the volume up, down and pause buttons on the earphones don't work, whereas they did before I dropped my phone in water.

Yes you can fix it put your mouth near the sound part and pull air from it, it's an old technique which works on old iPhone should work on this one aswell. DO NOT BLOW WIND INSIDE TAKE WIND IN BREATH IT IN might be some problems but you will be able to do it

If you dropped it in water, Apple Store will know because there are white strips in the phone that turn pink/red when they get wet, so this will not be covered under warranty.

This sounds more like a hardware problem than a software problem and most likely cannot be fixed without opening up the phone and possible replacing a hardware component.
Good luck

"Gem Baysan"

Water get into the my iphone5 what i did was i took the vacuum with a narrow attatchment and sucked out the water with vacuum power, i have a dyson and that provides strong suction, hold the vacuum as close to the speaker as possible and suck out the water after a few minutes its all back to normal sound.

Hi! This happened to my mom before. So what she did was exactly what you did with the rice ( put in a bag filled with rice) but my mom left it in the bag overnight and it turns out it worked the next morning… I suggest you leave it in the bag overnight tonight and if you plug in actual headphones then unplug, then replug, then unplug maybe it will work for real speaker on the phone… Otherwise i suggest you go the store and maybe they will know how to fix it. Or you can probably even call the store and ask. If all else fails, go to the store and replace your iphone.

Get a ziplock bag and fill it up with rice and take off your case ( if you have one ) leave it in there for a day and you can take it out. The rice is dry and if you every try to cook rice, you will need water.So, when it finishes cooking you will see the water gone too. Don't put any water in the bag. Just out rice and put your phone in it for a day. The next day the problem should be fixed and the water shouldn't be there anymore.