Dropped Iphone 5 in water, what do I do?

My girlfriend dropped her iphone 5 in the toilet, it had a defender series otterbox on it and only got the bottom a little wet. She turned it off immediately and we put in in some rice to let it sit. Is there anything else to do? Also, if this does not work what is the best route to go to get it fixed/ get a new phone? She has Verizon but does not have any insurance on it. Was thinking about getting insurance then waiting a few days and then taking the phone it or saying it got lost, would this work or is there a certain number of days you have to have the insurance before you can file a claim?

Dry it off best as you can. Put it in a bag of rice… Lots of rice. Bury that phone in rice haha!

No you can't buy insurance when you agreed not to when you bought it. You need to keep it in that rice for 24 hours not exactly but around there. The more time the better, that's the best you could do for now. I'm sure it will be fine. As long as you didn't trash the screen sign water you'll be fine because it should of turned off if the mother board noticed water or a high moisture level so that it doesn't fry itself. Good luck just keep it in the rice.

First, there should be a tiny square sticker with small print on it stuck on the inside of the phone underneath the battery, if that tiny square got wet the square should turn red thats how verizon or apple will be able to tell its been submerged in a liquid and wont replace it. If you have a hair dryer with a "cool" setting you can use it to help dry the inside of the phone faster. I have a coverage pamplet from verizon, it says in order to be eligible for original coverage you must enroll a coverage application within 30 days of your initial activation service of the device. So if your within your 30 days you may be eligible for coverage, but Id be careful if you plan to try for insurance then later make a claim because if they find out that your phone was damaged before you got insurance they could get you for fraud. Luckily, some water damage is repairable just take it to a local cell phone repair shop like Mobile Comm and they can tell you if the damage is repairable or not. Good luck!

I would go to the iPhone store and ask them to give me a new one

No you cant get an insurance again. I bet you may have to repair yourself.