Forgot iphone password, it disabled, wont let me restore?

Hey guys, I've had an iphone for about 3 weeks. All of a sudden today I couldn't remember the lock code. Stupid I know! Anyhow I panicked and entered what I thought was the password way too many times. In short, it's now disabled now. I read on how to restore it, and I can almost do it. I click on restore, hit ok and update, and then it says it can't update because of unknown error code (306).
I tried calling apple support line, but they are closed.
My question is this; can I bring it to my service provider's (Bell) store, and have them fix it there? I got my phone from their store, so they know that I bought it (& didn't steal it), and I have my apple ID and all that info. Can they do anything?

Yeah they can fix it for you and get you all set up! I ha a pass code and it did the same thing, I had the RIGHT pass code, but it wouldn't work. Sweetie, don't use pass codes again!:) Have a good day! :D

Put your iPhone into DFU mode and restore it

you can use Gecko iPhone Toolkit to bypass iPhone disabled, then you can with the same tool find your password and use your iphone without restoring it and losing your data.