Found an iPhone 5 what do I do?

Found an iPhone 5 last night. The phone is off so I cannot see anything. What should Ido?

Added (1). I knew that some idiot would think I want to keep it. So just to make it clear, I do own an Iphone. I am TRYING to do the right thing.

You should probably take it to the apple store so that they can see who it belongs to. Don't try doing anything on it, like downloading something, because then they will know where you are and might think you stole it. Also, you can go to the place where you found it and ask if anyone has been looking for there phone, although some people could lie and try to take the phone, so be careful.

Take it to the apple store.

I think you should turn it on and call someone labeled "mom" or something important in their contacts so that you can tell them you found the iphone.