Good compatible apps for iphone 3G? (ios 4.2.1)?

Any free or paid apps that are useful such as camera apps, reminders, photo editor, etc.

Not very much. Most, if not all, require iOS 4.3 or >

There are almost no more apps for 4.2.1, because you see, developers make apps by a program on macs called Xcode. When there are updates, developers update the program. So the current version of Xcode cannot make apps for 4.2.1. The least version they can choose is 4.3. That is why most of the apps on the app store require 4.3 or higher.

Can't even download older version of apps that used to work in ios 4.2.1 now. How sad. My iphone 3g is still working phones are expensive

I there any games on IOS 4.2.1 i know there's a few

what apps for music download are compatable with IoS 4?

Any apps compatible with IPhone3GS (games)

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