Having ios 7 problems on iphone 4s?

Well "Tryed" to download the new ios7 on my iphone 4s… Well its on a logo screen thats white n merging in with black with a faint line across the screen and keeps rebooting its self and vibrating then back to logo screen! Anyone eles having this problem? Isit still trying to download ios7 or is it just screwed

I suggest you better visit app store.iOS7 update is safe for iPhone 4S. May be there is some other problem your iPhone facing.

This is a software problem and most likely fixed with an update.

Plug it back into iTunes and do a restore.

If that doesn't work you should take it to the Apple Store if you are in warranty. You can check that here;


Apple are very good and will replace the device if there is a real un-fixable fault (and it's in warranty)

The Bluetooth on my car finds my phone and my phonebook. I can receive calls and they are identified correctly, I can dial out and it comes up correctly and displays but if I use a voice command to "call Pam" it tells me the person is temporarily unavailable in the phonebook. We have re-synced, taken it all off the Bluetooth and re done everything to no avail. I have restarted the phone but no resolution to the problem. Any suggestions?