Fixing my iphone 4; isnt detected by my computer, itunes, and wont charge?

I tried restoring my iphone and now it is not detectable by my computer, itunes, my dock, and it wont even charge. I received 2 errors when attempting to restore my iphone and now it is having those problems. I have tried different usb cables and each didnt work. I have no idea what to do and when i called apple support they said i need to pay 29.99 to proceed. Please help

Lool i had the same problem from about 1 month ago and still didn't fixed yet but how did you restored ur iphone 4 while it couldn't be detected.

But here is a good advice for JUST CHARGING use DFU mode and charge ur mobile but not from ur computer or any device, i use this method for charging

I hope someone can answer this question

Try another USB cord or USB cable. If still not working, try reset or restore your iPod and iPad, this way can fix many general iPod/iPad problems.

You may also try iPod/iPad/iPhone transfer software, it's a nice iTunes alternative that can help you upload music and video to iPod/iPad/iPhone, I always use it to sync my iPod when my iTunes can't recognize my iPod, it's easy to use and works pretty well