Help for creating Iphone app game?

I am looking for someone from help me develop a game for the iphone, and put it for sale, I have the idea, I just have no idea how to create one, or put it out for sale or anything. I am from Ontario Canada, If anyone is experienced and willing to help me please respond to this, thank you

Hi Daniel,
I dont think anybody will help you with that - it would cost you a lot of money. I would suggest you to learn how to develop it yourself - its not that hard as it seems!

I strongly suggest you to try this online course - Its paid one, but the cheapest available (1 month is $1 only!) and really helpful - no previous development experience needed.

You could do it all by your self Daniel you don't have to have some programming skills or something check and see it by your self don't spend your money on programmers when you can do it alone:)

You should really talk to the guys at Blue Whale: