How long after dropping iphone into toilet can i use it?

I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet last night around this time so its been a good 24 hrs. I put it in rice for a bit and blow dried it for a bit also. I am currently letting it sit on my table since last night.
How much longer till i can use my phone? Because i do need it for work

Added (1). It was on when i dropped it. But i took it out like 3 seconds after… And did everything immediatly…

If it was on when you used it, then it's gone. If it was off, I'd say give it 2 weeks.

It only needs to sit in uncooked rice for around four hours.

If you don't see anything wrong with it or not experiencing any problems with it, then it's most likely fine.
That rice trick seems to do the trick almost all the time.

I dropped my iPhone4 in the toilet a few months ago and used it again as soon as I got it out (however mine did have a phone case that could have prevented too much water damage), if you got it back out straight away which is what I did and then immediately tried to dry it out it shouldn't take more than 2 days to dry out fully, I personally didn't leave mine for any time at all and it worked fine apart from a little bit of damage to my speakers, if it doesn't work again after a few days then I'd say it isn't going to work at all, however if you have insurance apple will give you a new one (as they've done this for my sister in the past), i hope it works for you!